Why is it so important to find "real" customers?

The long-term success of nearly every business hinges on its loyal customer base. Network Marketing businesses are no exception. In fact, "end-users" represent the only true security in network marketing. Without "legitimate" customers who purchase the products every month, regardless of a business opportunity, success will be short-lived, if at all. On the other hand, a thriving, active consumer base can generate true life-long residual income.

How can we help?
VOS is interested in helping legitimate companies, with legitimate products, grow their consumer base. We use the Internet and a Free Sample and/or Free Information survey form to find pre-qualified customers. The key point is these are people who are specifically interested in your product. Other key services within our system are a fully staffed fulfillment center, a highly trained Technical Support Team,and a state of the art Virtual Office (web-based). All of these combined go a long way in helping distributors build a true "network of distribution." Our system will help expose your products to literally tens of thousands of new (and loyal) customers. For a more detailed explanation click System Features.

Why Get Customers?
The question is actually quite ridiculous, isn't it? After all, how many companies do you know that don't strive to add more customers to their business? Yet, many network marketers focus nearly all of their time, money, and energy on recruiting new distributors. But, as our flash presentation appropriately asks, "who's selling the product?" At VOS, we focus a lot on helping network marketers establish a healthy balance between recruiting new distributors and acquiring new customers. One without the other is very unhealthy. Distributors help grow your business exponentially and customers are the glue that holds it all together. Loyal customers represent the truest form of residual income. That's why we are so excited to share our system with you. We have positioned ourselves as the undisputed leader in the network marketing industry for helping network marketers find new, loyal product users. The fact is, there is no other system anywhere that even comes close to what our system can offer. The more you explore who we are and what we do, the more you will realize that VOS is the partner that can help you reach your goals.

System Features
Pre-Qualified Customers
Access to the Database
Fulfillment Center
Transferring Profiles
CRM Software
Adding Contacts
Ongoing Training and Support
Sophisticated Communications
Web Based Technology
Total Flexibility with your Service