About Virtual Office Systems

In August of 1999, Mark Helsel and Dave Glickman recognized a significant void in the network marketing industry. There was no true customer acquisition system available. While there were many "recruiting systems," nothing offered networkers a real system of getting customers. And since Mark and Dave both believe strongly that the only true residual income from network marketing comes from a customer base, they set out to create a franchise-like system of getting customers. Using a very simplified version of the current system, Mark and Dave attracted over 200,000 potential customers in less than six months. It was at that point that Mark and Dave made a commitment to create a system that could be used by many people in the network marketing industry. In the fall of 1999, Mark and Dave founded Virtual Office Systems. The success rate of acquiring customers for people using the system was outstanding.

Since the early days of Mark and Dave's vision, Virtual Office Systems has continually evolved to stay on the cutting edge. Both technically and strategically, VOS leadership has continued to make strides never before seen in the industry. Over the past three years, an increasing number of networkers have discovered the power of Virtual Office Systems to enable everyday business builders to establish a solid, lasting and calculable business strategy.

The Corporate offices of Virtual Office Systems are located in the heart of beautiful Central Pennsylvania. Mark and Dave are both gifted communicators who possess a very keen understanding of the network marketing and direct sales industries. As a full-time network marketer, Mark had consistently been among the top money earners for several companies. Prior to VOS, Dave had been a top producer in a multi-national, billion dollar direct sales company. Combined, Mark and Dave have over 35 years of successful business experience. More importantly, however, they both share the same passion to help average, part-time network marketers succeed in network marketing by using the VOS Customer Acquisition System. Dave has been happily married for 25 years and has one son. Mark has been married for 11 years and has three children.

Mark and Dave have definitely made the commitment to create the most advanced and comprehensive customer acquisition program in the entire network marketing industry. With nearly 5 years worth of 100% custom software development and a strong seven figure financial investment, their system has no equal. As cliche' as it may sound, the customer acquisition system they have created is truly revolutionary. Much of the credit for their cutting edge technical advancements can be directly attributed to I.T. lead developer, Jason Garber. As Mark says, "Jason and his team of 13 full-time developers and graphic designers bring our ideas to life. Without Jason and his incredibly talented team, Dave and I would be just two guys with good ideas."

With integrity, dedication, and a total commitment to their customers, the Virtual Office Team has positioned itself as the undisputed industry leader in customer acquisition systems.

System Features
Pre-Qualified Customers
Access to the Database
Fulfillment Center
Transferring Profiles
CRM Software
Adding Contacts
Ongoing Training and Support
Sophisticated Communications
Web Based Technology
Total Flexibility with your Service