As the saying goes, "Documentation beats conversation." Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials VOS has received from its satisfied customers. Because these testimonials were written by people in several different network marketing companies, the names have been omitted to maintain the privacy of the individual.

"I can hardly describe this system"
"I'm so impressed with what you have put together. I can hardly describe it with words. But here's how I feel...

"I am totally impressed with this system. It is not only brilliant and unique, but it is simple to use and has no competition. But the best part about it is that it can positively impact hundreds of thousands or even millions of people's lives either physically, financially, or both."

"I have people to talk to who are interested in my product"
"Out of 300 profiles that I have acquired, 54 of them were people that also had an interest in the business. I've had over 30 people contact me either by e-mail or phone to have me rush them their sample. The bottom line is I have people to talk to who are interested in my product or in the business. Anyone, even a computer geek like myself, using this system has the opportunity to make a fortune if you just work it. Best of all, its FUN!"

"I can get as many prospects/ profiles as I can handle"
"I love the Virtual Office and the CAS. It saves so much time and makes building a business so much easier and faster. Everything is all set up and easy to use. I can get as many prospects/profiles as I can handle and file them any way I want to keep track of them. This whole system is fabulous as are the products. I'm looking forward to a very exciting and prosperous year."

"This system delivers with flying colors"
"Your system is awesome, innovative and easy to use. Remember what S-Y-S-T-E-M stands for.... Save YourSelf Time Energy & Money. It delivers that with flying colors. Finally a system that is very cost effective to acquire product users, which of course is the life blood of any company."

"Sleepless in Florida!"
"This is the most incredible system for identifying customers and entrepreneurs collectively. I am literally having partners coming out of retirement to rebuild their business. It's once again simple, fun, and EXCITING to talk to people who want and need what we have to offer!

"THANKS to corporate team for recognizing the potential, THANKS to Virtual Office Systems for your technical 'Know How', and THANKS for answered prayers..."

"Unbelievable System"
"You have no idea how awesome it is when people call you and tell you they are really interested in using your product! Could I send them a sample immediately. And with all the other emails that I have received from people telling me they would love a sample, I can now see that my business is going to go through the roof! I get to pre-read the profiles before I select them, to see just how people have responded to the survey questions. I already know what they are interested in before I call them!"

"It has been nothing short of FUN"
"I cannot thank you enough! This system is the best that I have ever seen. Words cannot explain it. We truly have a greater advantage over ANY other company with this system. I have been praying for this for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"It has been nothing short of FUN talking to people that cannot wait to try our product. Every time that I have called a person back that has emailed me saying that they are still interested in trying the product, I tell them my name and they act like I am their long lost friend and are so glad that I called. The responses that I have received via email have been equally rewarding. I cannot tell you and your team enough how much I appreciate you bringing an easily duplicated system to XXXX COMPANY! We will truly be able to help more people physically and financially."

"Thanks for a great system"
"I love this system! I never knew that anything could be so easy! The folders are the best file system I have ever encountered. It eliminates the need for physical files. I have bunches of folders! They help me keep everyone in a place where I can find them using my own, sometimes awkward, system. As I think of categories, I can add new ones. Thanks for a great system!"

"This 'Customer Acquisition Program' is unbelievable"
"I just want to tell you that I think your system is the best thing to ever hit our company and I've been with the company over 6 years. Within 1 day of sending out the first autoresponder to just 42 profiles, I received 8 serious replies from people wanting to get their hands on this product; and I also received an email from someone already referred by one of the profiles! Plus, as a bonus, some are also interested in the business! This "Customer Acquisition Program" is unbelievable, it's like going to a grocery store and picking out your consumers -- we will never have to worry about having to "find" people interested in our products. I can't thank you and your team enough for bringing this system to our company.

"This system is so powerful, rejection free, and best of all, it works!! I have so many people in my group that are so excited to use this system to build their business. They are having fun with calls to the people requesting samples, and they can see just where this system will take them!! Thanks again for bringing this amazing system to us!!"

"A System that's way ahead of its time"
"Awesome System that's way ahead of its time and one that is simple and easy to use! Anyone, including a young child, could learn this system with little effort. The training programs far surpass anything we have ever been involved with or seen. We are bubbling over with enthusiasm as we move forward in our business of helping people to help other people achieve wellness and financial success. Thanks to your system our mission has just been made a whole lot easier!"

"This is the best marketing tool I have ever used"
"Just want to let you know what a great system you have developed and thank you for it! I have been involved with Networking Marketing for over 25 years and this is the best marketing tool I have ever used. It is going to revolutionize the way business is done in the future! I am looking forward to a long and successful association with your company."

"Real Life Example"
"This is a note I got back from someone I'd just spoken to on the phone about sending them their mineral sample. I think it shows how well your system can work for us:

'Dear Julia:

'Thank you so much for the call! It's so rare for people to take the time for in-person contact now-a-days that I already feel good about your product! So let's hope for the best. And I will be in contact right after my first sample. Also hopefully I will be able to check out all the rest of your products. Thanks again!

'In good health,
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